Real Estate

Platform Capital also invests in real estate whether it is in conjunction with the acquisition of a going concern or as a standalone investment. Our unique investment strategy allows us the flexibility to balance out our investment risk with real estate investments, both performing and underperforming assets. With over 40 years of real estate investing experience, Platform Capital has the ability to acquire real estate in a wide array of situations.

Types of Real Estate we seek to acquire:

  • Industrial Buildings (Manufacturing/Distribution)
  • Multi Family Units
  • Storage Unit Facilites 
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Agriculture Land
  • Acquisition of non-performing loans secured by real estate

We tend to avoid multi-unit residential real estate under four units, commercial retail or mixed-use investments and situations where there is inflated rental rates due to an overheated local market. Platform Capital typically seeks value when acquiring a property with the idea of utilizing our operational resources to create value to the investment.

One of the advantages of Platform Capital’s investment model is that we seek to acquire real estate with our company acquisition, which is not the case with a tradition private equity firm. This investment approach gives a small business owner the ability to have a clear exit plan for all assets at close rather than retaining a long term lease and then selling the real estate at a later date with no control over the business operations that occupy that real estate.