Partner With Us

Platform Capital feels strongly about building long-term value by building and investing in management teams and employees.  A hallmark of Platform Capital’s investment strategy is a rigorous dedication to align our interests with those of management to create a long-term business partnership.

Platform Capital commits to a straightforward approach to investments. We are committed to affecting a transaction in the most reliable and expeditious manner possible so there is minimal disruption to business.   In addition, Platform Capital works in partnership with management on all of the following issues to create long-term value in its portfolio:

  • T180 – The T180 is a cornerstone to Platform Capital’s investing approach.  Prior to closing, all investments will have a T180 plan, which is a 180 day plan that transitions to new ownership which includes a high focus on sales, operations (process enhancement/improvement), finance and human resources.  Whether this is a plan based on hiring the next generation of management or a turnaround plan focused on cash management, process improvement and employee morale, we will have a written plan of the desired goals and detailed steps on how to achieve those goals.   Our hands on approach to managing investments lends support to the execution of the T180.  
  • Sales Strategy – We will spend time with management teams on a regular basis to understand local and global sales channels, key customers and the new customer acquisition targets and process.  Sales strategy that results in revenue enhancement is a key focus at all points in time as company owners.
  • Financial Support – we are committed to developing a prudent capital structure for each of our portfolio companies that best suits the needs of both the company and its management.
  • Continuous Operational Improvement – our disciplined approach to operational efficiency includes metric driven continuous process improvement/enhancement which yields a safer work environment for our valued employees.
  • Human Resources – A critical part of a successful company stems from an employee base that has a clear understanding of the Company’s goals, the employee’s defined role and responsibility and a clear organization/reporting structure.  Platform Capital is committed to support our companies in order to build a workforce that thrives on achieving not only the Company’s goals but their professional and sometimes personal goals as well.
  • Build Management Teams – Although we have been successful partnering with existing management, Platform Capital will consider introducing new management to a business where appropriate.  In every transaction we believe it is important to ensure that the interests of management are directly aligned with those of ownership.  As such, we offer generous equity ownership and bonus plans to the management teams of our portfolio companies.

Working with Intermediaries

Platform Capital is dedicated to making the investment process as painless as possible for companies and intermediaries alike.  We believe it is of paramount importance to conduct ourselves with integrity, so intermediaries can rest assured that they and their clients will be treated professionally and courteously throughout the investment process.

Given our investment experience and because we do not need any outside approvals to deploy our committed private capital, Platform Capital can offer intermediaries and their clients a high degree of confidence in our ability to close transactions.  We also commit to quickly and professionally responding with our investment decisions regardless of the outcome.