About Us


Platform Capital is an operationally-oriented private investment firm headquartered in Denver, CO with a satellite office in the Indianapolis Indiana area. Founded and managed by former business operators and turnaround professionals, Platform Capital understands that a disciplined approach to operational and financial management is imperative in successful investing.  The Partners of Platform Capital have experience in a broad range of industries and a vast array of circumstances, including special situations, underperforming businesses, distressed assets, owner transitions and growth capital.

Platform Capital has a unique approach to investing, that sets us apart from traditional private equity firms.  We are not funded by institutional investors, but rather have been investing our own capital (the personal net worth of Platform Capital’s partners) in companies and real estate alongside proven management teams and financial partners. As a result, our partners do not have to be concerned with cumbersome investment approval processes, reporting mandates, and limited holding periods.

What this means is not only a faster transaction process but also greater flexibility in equity ownership structure. This also allows us to work with portfolio companies without the outside pressures, requirements and time constraints of institutional investors. Platform Capital focuses on building long-term value rather than emphasizing short-term profitability via excessive fees and a shorter horizon to an exit that can significantly increase investment risk. We partner with management in such a way that both Platform Capital and management benefit from improved operational and financial performance.  In our view, doing what is right for a business over the long term simplifies a lot of decision making and significantly enhances the probability of a good outcome.

Platform Capital is opportunistic with a situational approach to investing.  We can invest in industries and real estate that other investment firms may not be able to consider.  Our ability to think creatively on a deal-by-deal basis has proven to be a core strength of our firm.  This combination of an opportunistic investment appetite, creative and efficient diligence and deal transaction process with an operational and financial disciplined approach to running companies has proven to be a formula for success.